Anxiety, fear and panic are becoming synonymous with the present world health crisis. Covid-19 aka the “Corona Virus” is certainly not an illness to take lightly. Still, our ability to stay informed and to follow sound medical advice is crucial to thwarting what we now classify as a pandemic. To reiterate, frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least twenty (20) seconds, not touching our faces, avoiding unnecessary travel, and paying attention to our bodies relative to cough, sore throat, fever and respiratory difficulty have been listed as key factors in stopping the rapid spread of the virus. What about our mental health? Media outlets have saturated our minds with information varying from statistics, medical interventions, world leaders next steps and deaths. Speaking on behalf of the mental health community, we recognize your fears and how anxiety and uncontrolled thoughts may be running rampant in your conversations and interactions with others. Here is how fear works! As humans we by mere instinct go into survival mode in order to cope with what we perceive as a threat or danger. As previously stated, when it’s something we hear through media, this energy has nowhere to go and results in worry and anxiety. For what it’s worth, we can’t seem to let go of that feeling of doom and gloom, especially since the world as we know it is increasingly becoming a scary place. As a result, The Team at Insight Psychological Services, LLC. are prepared to address your emotional/psychological needs. Discussions are underway with our Insurance Carriers to implement an emergency tele-psychological response. What this means is: if you have an Internet connection you will still be able to talk to your therapist/counselor at a given appointment time in the event of an extended quarantine. The team is also sensitive to the fact that you may want to cancel appointments or reschedule due to your issue or circumstance. In light of all mentioned herein, please be assured we will remain responsive and diligent in serving your needs.