Spend Some Time Journaling

Journaling can be an effective tool for stress management, the processing of difficult emotions, and creating personal growth.

  • Benefits
    1. Reduces Stress
    2. Improves Immune Function
    3. Keeps Memory Sharp
    4. Boosts Mood
    5. Strengthens Emotional Functions
    6. Helps prioritize problems, fears, and concerns
    7. Provides an opportunity for positive self-talk
  • Getting Started Tips and Tricks
    1. Do not think about what to say; just start writing and ideas will come
    2. Try to write everyday
    3. Make it easy by keeping your pen and journal close by you
    4. Make a digital journal on your computer or phone
      • Journaling Apps:
        • Day One Journal
        • Jour: Journal for Mindfulness
        • Journal X- Diary with Lock
        • Perspective, a Mindful Journal
  • Topic Inspiration
    • The best and worst days of your life
    • If you could have three wishes..
    • Your possible purpose in life
    • Your childhood memories and surrounding feelings
    • Where you’d like to be in two years
    • Your dreams/hopes/fears
    • What was important to you five years ago, and what’s important now
    • What are you greatful for?

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